Xpello offers South African Property Owners
an efficient, legal and cost-effective solution
to deal with illegal tenants


Residential Property
Eviction Management

Xpello empowers residential landlords with the freedom and peace of mind to lease their investment properties. They can rest assured, knowing that in the event that their tenant breaches the lease agreement, they have the best team on their side. If a problem arises, it will be carefully attended to by the experts, with a sense of urgency, without taking up any of the landlords' time and resources. 

Commercial Property
Eviction Management

The worrying decline in economic growth and the resultant lack of market spend could result in a higher risk of defaulting tenants for landlords of commercial properties. Xpello’s unique solution guarantees a safeguard against costly evictions by handling the entire process from start to finish. Our team has extensive knowledge of evictions and the law as relating to Commercial Property. 

Training for the Real 
Estate Industry

Estate agents are prohibited from evicting tenants; however, it is in the interest of the industry that agents are made aware of the processes undertaken to ensure a speedy, fully legitimate eviction. Elize le Roux, MD of Xpello, is an acknowledged expert in the field of legal evictions and shares her knowledge in training sessions. Training is provided free of charge to all Xpello Agencies.


Founded in May 2017, Xpello SA is the first Eviction Management Solution of its kind in South Africa. Xpello provides professional services to property owners and rental agents nationwide, in particular Xpello simplifies the eviction process when tenants refuse to keep to their side of a rental agreement.  A small contribution prevents large capital outlays when a problem arises. Our team is recognised by legal experts as having extensive knowledge of evictions, lease agreements, and rental collections. We are privileged to have leading specialist attorneys appointed to our panel to attend to the evictions on our behalf. 


Our unique business concept was awarded Silver in the category ‘Upcoming Business of the Year 2017’ and Bronze in 2018 by the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ROCCI). We are particularly proud of these awards as we were competing against long-established, successful organisations in various other industries.


Saves time and effort, as 
landlords do not need 
to attend court 
Low monthly cost
prevents very high costs
when problems arise
Freedom for landlords, who
don’t need be in the country for action to be taken 
Efficient, legal, with
peace of mind that the correct steps are taken 
Extensive knowledge of
evictions, lease agreements
and rental collections 
Team of leading specialist attorneys will take the necessary action
Attorneys resident in each
province with sound 
knowledge of local court laws
No waiting period if
tenants are new or existing 
tenants have not defaulted 

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