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Xpello has a network of specialists in the legal and property sectors, offering preferential rates to all Xpello Members on services that do not fall within the Xpello service offering.

Darja is a bridging company offering bridging to Agents of their commission prior to transfer of a property and an investment opportunity for investors with a good return on investment.

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Shaun Luyt assists rental managers with rental policies and procedures that fulfil all legislative requirements and adhere to accepted Rental Best Practices. Xpello is one of Shaun Luyt’s partners giving his clients discount, support and training.


Xpello is proud to be associated with a network that empowers women in business. The Woman of Stature (WOS) is a strategic network where you will be able to take on bigger clients and projects through strategic alliances and collaboration, with the support of fellow women in business. 


This awesome club shares knowledge, gives amazing tools and have various discounts for their members from Service Providers, including from Xpello.  All property owners will definitely benefit from being part of this club.


IEASA strives to give its members support, training and discounted rates with their Partners.  Xpello is one of the Partners giving the IEASA clients discount, support and training.


Xpello receives a special 50% discount to create a professional Will. Just follow the link and use the Promo Code XPELLO.

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