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Xpello has a network of specialists in the legal and property sectors, offering preferential rates to all Xpello Members on services that do not fall within the Xpello service offering.

Judge and Gavel


Xpello has attorneys nationwide who specialises in evictions and have extension knowledge of property matters. They offer Xpello clients a preferred rate. Follow this link to see who is our panel attorney in your area. If you cant find an attorney you are welcome to contact our office at and we will assist.

Taking the Key


Xpello works with various Property Practitioners associated with various Rental Agencies nationwide. These agencies comply with Xpello's requirement of vetting and has proper breach processes in place. Definitely worth the look if you are looking for a Property Practitioner to manage your property.

Fists in Solidarity


Xpello knows to successfully manage a rental property it is important to have access to information as to whom can assist in the different spheres of the rental process and their services offering. To follow this link you will see the different partners and their services offerings.

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