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Landlords in level 3: Non-payment & Evictions

A series of webinars offered by Real Estate Investor Magazine

Covid-19 has left many in financially challenging positions. Current economic circumstances have affected many jobs and put strain on people’s income. Many landlords may find themselves in a predicament where their tenant is no longer able to pay monthly rent. Landlords have been encouraged to meet their tenants halfway and offer payment relief options. In level 3, many landlords might start to consider eviction as an option for non-paying tenants. Evictions were prohibited under Alert level 5 and 4. At Alert level 3, it seems Landlords can issue notices for eviction, but cannot enforce them. There are steps in the eviction process, however, which landlords can start immediately. UPCOMING WEBINARS TOPIC: What Real Estate Investors Need to know to finance property corona-style TIME: Friday, 5 June @ 12h00 REGISTER HERE TOPIC: Finding & Managing Tenants #PropTech vs. OldTech TIME: Tuesday, 9 June @ 18h00 REGISTER HERE Virtual Master Class TOPIC: Insights from Industry Experts on Buying your first property TIME: Thursday, 13 August @ 09h30 REGISTER HERE Nichola Loock General Manager

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